Nearly 60 percent of all families today include two working parents and over 50 percent of households are living paycheck to paycheck. Along with being a two-income family comes a more hectic daily life, leaving less time to deal with important issues.

The result of juggling the demands of work and family can also lead to poor job performance and personal health HMSA’s EAP Work/Life services act as a go-to resource for busy families, helping them maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.


My counselor at HMSA was very informative, interested in my situation, and in finding me help. Knowing the assistance will be there helps to relieve the stress.

Eap client

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Assessment, referral, and
short-term problem resolution

All HMSA counseling opportunities rely on brief, solution-focused counseling and action-oriented intervention to help employees resolve situations, improve their quality of life, and help restore and maintain their workplace productivity.

Case management

HMSA provides a comprehensive approach to 100 percent of our cases for the identification, diagnosis, and treatment of problems related to mental health and/or substance abuse. Follow-up, utilization tracking, and reporting are essential components of our program, ensuring successful clinical outcomes.

Childcare and eldercare resources

HMSA offers assistance in finding schools and daycare facilities for your employees’ children. We also help identify competent nursing homes and in-home care providers for aging parents.

Online resource

Our industry leading website provides a host of services that augment the HMSA EAP by providing a comprehensive library of over 4,000 topics, online forums, self tests, videos, and financial calculators.

Legal and financial assistance

HMSA provides employees and their family members access to confidential consultations at no cost with a qualified legal or financial professional.

In our year-end survey, we found that 96 percent of HMSA clients reported a high level of satisfaction with their overall experience and services received.